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Start with the best and you’ll get the best in return

At Mid-State Seed, we start with seed from industry leaders, grown by the finest farmers in the country, and we condition, package and distribute the harvest with the most sophisticated equipment and technologies in the industry.

Our growers are hard-working people who have proven themselves and their operations crop after crop, season after season, year after year. True partnership is a two-way street, and we work hard with both growers and seed companies, proving our quality, reliability and loyalty with the same consistency.

Since we’re only as good as our growers, we’re deeply invested in their success. Our field technicians and agronomists work with seed producers hand-in-hand from the get-go, providing training and education, regularly visiting their farms and helping them utilize the best methods for growing high-quality soybean seed. And they’ll be planting the most advanced varieties, developed by the most trusted and respected seed companies, which significantly elevates the potential for stronger yields, higher premiums and increased profits.

Our soybean seed is firmly planted in partnership. To find out what a Mid-State partnership can mean for your seed brand or growing operation, contact us today.

Firmly Planted In Partnership