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We Take Pride in Our Partners

With Mid-State Seed, you’ll have a partner standing firm with you through every season, providing training and advice for the best possible yields, paying top dollar for high quality and processing your harvest with the most advanced equipment and technologies

Mid-State Seed growers put their pride on the line every time they put a crop in the ground, and ours is on the line, too. We’re interested in long-term relationships that profit both our growers’ operations and our own. Those with proven performance who are willing to put in the extra effort can reap the rewards: the satisfaction of being a seed production grower, increasing revenues and premium profits.

Not just anyone can be a Mid-State Seed grower, but if you think you have what it takes, contact us today.


Partnership That Pays

Agronomy Expertise

Our crop production specialists provide ongoing education and crop strategies for our growers. We visit every farm two to three times during each growing season for quality control and to provide training and assistance. We also visit each grower one to three times during the off-season to discuss and determine a crop plan for the following season.

Top Varieties

When you partner with Mid-State Seed, you’ll be working with the most advanced varieties available, and each year the top 25 percent of our producers get the first shot at launch varieties.

Guaranteed Premiums

We guarantee a minimum premium for soybeans that meet our quality standards.

Guaranteed Payment

We pay our growers. Period.

Excellent Relationship

Our staff members are highly trained, efficient, personable and always ready to help. More than that, we’ve built our business on values like loyalty, honesty and integrity that are the hallmarks of the agricultural community.

Financial Stability

Mid-State Seed is a financially strong company that’s been in business for more than 30 years. Our growers know we’ll be with them today, tomorrow and for the long haul.