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Quality Seed You Can Count On

Ultimately, everything we do with our growers and in our processing plant is focused on developing and delivering high-quality seed that performs well in the field for your customers. Every step of our process is designed for precision, quality and dependability, with the most personable and reliable people in the industry.
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Professional Field Management

Mid-State Seed operates an advanced field surveillance program with Site-Specific Technology (SST) that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping and electronic reporting to ensure premium product production. Our team of crop production specialists inspects our producers’ fields two to three times every growing season and provides “action required” forms to growers following inspections.

Highly Efficient Conditioning

We condition seed through multiple pieces of equipment and processes to meet precise size and weight requirements. The visual appearance of our product begins with the Satake color and shape sorters. By precisely scanning each seed, the sorters remove any discolored or misshaped pieces from our product. With our highly efficient Cimbria Delta Super 108 cleaner, our seed is pre-cleaned and cleaned to meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards for purity. We utilize an Oliver Maxi-Cap 4800 gravity table and an Oliver Hi-Cap 240 gravity table to stratify the product multiple times to ensure we package only the highest quality seed. Our large-capacity facility can condition up to 1,000 units every hour.

Consistent Quality Control

Controlling quality is top priority. We constantly monitor samples during the conditioning process from 11 separate points in the plant. In addition, we check a 50-pound sample of conditioned seed every two hours.

Precision Seed Treatment

Mid-State Seed uses a new and updated Gustafson RH-2000 high precision treatment system to treat seed to our customer’s specifications. The RH-2000 utilizes a Mist-O-Matic® atomizer for improved treatment-to-seed coverage which does not require any lubrication. Equipped with a UL 508 Listed control panel that controls four pumps simultaneously or individually, this system also allows a choice of treatments and/or fungicides. For more information, visit our Technology section.

Exact Packaging

Precision goes into every step of the Mid-State Seed process. We measure seed as precisely as we clean it. Our equipment counts out units per individual seed with +/- 0.02 percent accuracy, our fully automated baggers package the final product to within 0.2 of a pound of the labeled weight, and our seamless distribution system limits the potential for mistakes. We custom package, store and ship your soybean seed according to your requirements and specifications. We package our quality product by the bag, bulk bag and hard container. With 25,000 units of bulk storage available onsite, we also offer conditioned bulk storage and shipments to our customers.

Extensive Storage

Our facility has 500,000 units of conditioned bean storage as well as the capacity to store 750,000 pre-conditioned bushels. We also work with our growers to store 1+ million bushels on individual farms. Mid-State Seed conducts routine probes to guarantee quality product in offsite facilities. Onsite we have nine loading docks and contract with our local trucking partners to supply distribution as requested.

Accessible Location

Mid-State Seed’s central location translates to accessibility and lower transportation costs. Our facility is just east of the intersection of three highways, including U.S. Highway 65, a major north-south corridor, and Saline County Highways 240 and 41. We are also only 10 miles from Interstate 70 for east-west distribution by truck.

Financial Stability

Mid-State Seed is a financially strong company that’s been in business for more than 30 years. We’ll be a partner you can trust today, tomorrow and for the long haul.

At Mid-State Seed, we use the most advanced technologies and equipment to consistently ensure precision production, cleaning and handling; we are continuously updating all aspects of our business to ensure we’re as efficient, precise and cost-competitive as possible. We strive to be flexible in working with our partners to provide the service and quality they require. Contact us to find out what a Mid-State Seed partnership means for your company.